africaJUICE is a dynamic new company that is on track to become a major producer and exporter of tropical fruit juices from Africa. We plan to establish at least three production locations across Africa by 2014 and become a premier supplier of Fair Trade juice to the European market.

The tropical fruit juice market is growing rapidly but suffers supply problems from traditional producers in Latin America and Asia. Specific countries in Africa offer fantastic opportunities for high quality fruit production and africaJUICE has established an experienced team that ensures that these opportunities will be translated into reality.

Our first project, the Upper Awash Project in Ethiopia, which we have been operating since early 2009, involved the privatisation, rehabilitation, and expansion of an existing fruit farm and the construction of a new fruit processing facility that enabled the start of export of passion fruit juice in November 2010. africaJUICE has a strategic growth plan that seeks to replicate the Upper Awash business model in other locations in Africa in order to grow the volumes and range of our products.

How we operate is important to us. africaJUICE strives to be the benchmark for how foreign direct investment is delivered in developing countries. We aim to demonstrate that not only can growth be generated with positive effects on the environment and for poverty eradication but that it is 'good business' and should be the model of choice. Our companies will operate under Fair Trade principles, we will have low carbon value chains and high energy efficiency and we aim for organic production wherever this is possible.

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