africaJUICE was established in 2007, when its founders saw the opportunity for sustainably growing and processing tropical fruits in Africa to meet the growing international, regional and local demand for processed tropical fruits and to provide an alternative to the traditional supply sources of Latin America and Asia.

We started the first business, the africaJUICE Tibila Share Company in the Upper Awash valley in Ethiopia, in 2009. This business involved the privatisation, rehabilitation, and expansion of an existing farm and the construction of a new industrial scale fruit-processing facility. We have been exporting passion fruit not from concentrate (NFC) juice and mango purees since late 2010 and supplying local bottlers since 2012.

In the course of 2020 we will invest in new processing to produce emulsions and compounds for local and regional beverage companies. We've also recently added papaya products to the local offering and are finalising plans to add organic products from mid 2021.

How we operate is important to us. africaJUICE strives to be the benchmark for how foreign direct investment is delivered in developing countries. We aim to demonstrate that not only can growth be generated with benefits for the environment and for poverty eradication, but it is 'good business' and should be the model of choice.

africaJUICE has a strategic growth plan that seeks to expand the business in other locations in Africa as we grow the volume & range of our offering and meet the ever-growing need for sustainable products.

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