How we operate is very important to us. africaJUICE is guided by a commitment to genuine sustainable development; i.e. development that provides economic returns but also generates benefits for communities and protects the environment.

The key competitive advantages of security of supply and good quality coupled with our commitment to sustainable development will help us gain sufficient market share within growing local and export markets. This combined with an ability to reliably enter into and deliver on long-term supply agreements, helps support margins and retain customers in times of price volatility thus supporting stakeholder returns. Foreign direct Investment and a focus on local markets (import substitution) as well as exports contributes to improving trade imbalances, as we have seen in Ethiopia, while serving underserved local segments such as fruit producers and juice bottlers in a working-capital efficient way.

africaJUICE is a minimum waste operation which also aims for low carbon footprints. We employ appropriate technology to minimise pressure on key local resources, such as water, as well as utilising our waste streams and local sourcing of sustainable inputs. We are also implementing measures to reduce soil erosion and rehabilitate degraded lands across our farms.

In our business we believe that we should have fair and transparent relationships with our employees as well as our business partners and service providers. We have met and continue to follow FairTrade requirements, but have currently allowed our certification to lapse due to lack of demand for FT products. In our businesses we look for the right balance between mechanisation and manual operations though many activities for passionfruit remain labour intensive.  We also aim to create a significant number of skilled jobs, and stimulate local business to be suppliers or service providers where possible. One key mechanism to deliver a wider social impact is to include local smallholders farmers and entrepreneurs  in our "inclusive" value chain as off-takers and suppliers and we have programmes to support their development and enhance their operations.
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